Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thoughts on Digital Textbooks

Top ten reasons for Academic Publishers to move to Online Textbooks, from a student's point of view without any care for development costs:
  1. Embedded audio and video.

  2. Randomly generated practice quizzes/exams from a giant pool of questions that are constantly updated

  3. Accessible from a Kindle, iPhone, Blackberry, laptop, Japan, a toaster...

  4. A lower cost that is Semester Subscription based

  5. A dynamically created Study Calender, where the student enters what topics they need to read and by when, and the web textbook will create a schedule, track progress, and email alerts if the student falls behind

  6. Games and Simulations!

  7. Teachers can build their own learning path from the books content. This way students don't have to worry if they are studying the right material or not

  8. Fixes and Updates to the content are made on the fly so students always have the most up to date version

  9. Chat room for online Study Groups, or Event Posting for live study groups

  10. No more sore backs from lousy heavy books

Stay Classy Webernet.

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