Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Get Student Name on Print Results Page in Articulate Quizmaker using SCORM

Seems to be a couple requests for this one, but basically the problem is that by default there is no way to put the Students name on the Print Results page other than selecting the prompt student for name checkbox in quizmaker.

Well no worries, this is actually a simple fix, as long as you're publishing for your SCORM LMS.

Here's the code/solution:

In your quizzes published folder look for quiz_content/report.html

This is the html page that gets loaded.

Now, we need to add this code:


Where do we add it? well that depends on where you want it to show up!

For now just search for:

document.write("<P><H1>" + strTitle + "</H1></P>");

and replace with:

document.write("<P><H1>" + strTitle +"<br>"+window.opener.parent.GetStudentName()+ "</H1></P>");

This will put it just below the header! Test it out, and then try out moving it to different locations or adding formatting!

Hope this helps!


  1. When will you be in NYC... I owe you a drink. Worked perfectly.

  2. Ha ha, good to hear!

    I doubt i'll be in NYC anytime soon, but feel free to mail me a bottle of

  3. LOL. I would so mail it, just tell me where too.

    I do have another question for you, off of this topic.

    I am using the swf file you made for removing the Finish button from the Results page of quizmaker. You have the swf file posted, but not the source, I was just curious if this same thing can be done to hide the "Review Quiz" button. If I can hide that I will have 100% of what I need to do with Quiz Maker completed.

  4. I had posted the solution to the Articulate Community yesterday, I just reposted it to my blog today.

    If you're removing both the finish and the review quiz, you just need one swf with both snippets of code.

  5. Thanks. You rock... you need a Paypal account set up :-)

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  8. Hi,

    in my quizzes published folder, the quiz_content folder is missing. Why???

  9. Yikes, don't quite know why, but I might be able to help you if you can provide some more information regarding your publish settings.

  10. My articulate quizmaker settings:

    SCORM 2004 or SCORM 1.2

    Report status Passed/Incompleted

  11. And you have no problems running the actual published quiz?

    Why don't you zip up your published quiz folder and send it to me to have a look

    I would also suggest seeking support help at the articulate forums, they seem to be very quick to help resolve issues.

  12. You are a genius. I have been trying to get this to work for HOURS using various other methods suggested on other forums and posts, such as modifying lms.js to include a lmsAPI.GetStudentName statement and calling on the GetParam function in Saba using native commands. NONE of these worked, as we are using a Saba 5.3 lms with separate domains for content and the courses information. I was at wits end as to how I would pull this information. Then, somehow, I found this post and it worked PERFECTLY. You have successfully restored my sanity. Thank you.

  13. Thank you for your comment, while I have not been writing here lately, I certainly do appreciate that this blog is providing help.

  14. Still works in 2015! Thanks!