Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Use Flash and Scorm to show Student Name on Quizmaker endpages

Just spent the day figuring this nifty trick out.

If you've found this page then you probably spent time in the Articulate forums and blogs reading about how the only way to get the user name is to have them answer a survery question at the beginning of the quiz.

Forget that! ha!

Here's what you do.

1. Using flash create a new movie clip and rock this code in your actions panel:

import flash.external.ExternalInterface;
var username ="parent.GetStudentName");
studentName.text = username;

2. On the stage add a dynamic text field and give it the name "studentName"

3. Publish the SWF

4. In your Quizmaker quiz edit the end page (for pass or fail) choose slide view, choose the insert tab, insert your wicked awesome SWF you just made.

5. Publish your Quiz into a SCORM package and import it into your LMS Wam. Pow. Bang.

6. Test it out, make sure it works, now edit the look and feel of your SWF and Endpage to perfection.

Stay Classy Internet.


  1. Hello JD ,
    I have no flash !
    do you have an example I can use ?

    thanks a lot


  2. A standalone file would be nice... I wish I could get this to work via HTML.

  3. Hmmm... I must be doing something wrong because I have created it just like this and no name comes up...

  4. I take it back... my last post.

    It is working for me on the completion page... (coding on my part, left a space where it shouldn't have been...)

    I was wondering what could be done to make this work on the Report page though. I need the student's name on that reports page, which is what I need the print out of. The flash file gives a NULL on that page, which I would expect because that reports page is a seperate file that is not talking to the LMS.

    What I will looking into now is seeing if there is a way to save the contents of the "studentName" that the swf file grabs and user it is a variable... will probably need to mess with quiz.js.

  5. Laz, thanks for your interest in this functionality, fantastic to see someone else is playing with this!

    I will look into having it show on the reports page and see if I can get that working.

  6. Thanks.

    This is still urking me... seems like I can't get it to save as a flash variable on that page. Maybe if I can export the variable from flash via javascript it can be pulled into the next page. It just seems like that reports page has no interaction with any LMS stuff at all.

  7. Laz, if you check my most recent post, I have solved this problem for you.

  8. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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