Friday, July 31, 2009

A method for recording Captivate Simulations with Narration

Depending on the size, and the number of people involved, recording a simulation in captivate with narration can be a little frustrating.

I've recently started using a new method which is working out really well. Since i'm not a huge fan of Captivate's audio editing tool, I try and record all the narration separately in something like Audacity (free) or Audition (not so free).

With some nice narration recorded, I then start recording a new simulation while listening to my recorded track. The trick here is to select "record narration" before you start recording, this way the slide timing will match the audio you are listening to.

Once you've created your simulation, all that is left to do is to go into Advanced Audio and delete all the audio tracks that were recorded (which would be blank or just a poor recording of what you were listening to). Then import your recorded narration to slide one and select retain current slide timing.

You may need some slight tweaks depending on how good your video timing was but most things should line up great for you. Hope this helps, and feel free to share any other practices you use that work!


  1. It is always interesting to read how others go about projects like this. I happen to do the opposite of what you are describing. I record the screenshots of what I know I need to show, then go back through and make slide notes of exactly what I want to say. I then record the audio from the slide notes (I don't mind Captivate's audio tool so I just do it in-program). This helps a lot with the stumbling I tend to do over my words.

  2. I might develop in the same manner if I was the writer and voice of the simulation.

    The similarity here is that seperating audio and video creation processes seems to be a less frustrating development process.