Friday, April 9, 2010

Hide the Review Quiz button from an Articulate Quizmaker Quiz

Very similar to my earlier post on removing the Finish Button on an Quizmaker Quiz. The Review Quiz button can also be removed by creating our own swf in flash with some small actionscript that we will insert into the first slide/question of the Quiz.

So, in flash create a new fla and on frame one layer one just add the following actionscript:


Publish this to a swf, then in quizmaker insert that swf onto your first question or slide, this code will make sure that review quiz button gets removed!



  1. One quick note on this...

    I added it to the fist slide in a course that is in my LMS. I realized that to be on the safe side, you may also want to added it to the results page slide.

    Reason being that the command to remove the object is not something that is saved in a suspend data variable. So if the user leaves the quiz and comes back later, if they don't touch that first slide again, the action won't happen.

  2. brilliant! thanks

  3. Do you know if you can remove the 'next' button on a specific quiz slide?

  4. Hello JD,

    I reiterate a comment earlier on your site that you would be happier with Wordpress (self-hosted the most but if nothing else). Second, I was wondering if you knew how to remove the animated loading wheel in Quizmaker and replace it with one's own custom loading animation?


  5. Hi Travis, thanks for commenting, I think eventually I will change to a self hosted blog, but given how busy i've been I can barely remember to actually post! so until I can get back into my regular posting habits I don't really see the need to switch yet.

    As for that spinning wheel, I think that yes you can get rid of it, basically it can be referenced by ActionScript using this path:


    To replace it, what you could do is create your own fla shell, that loads the quiz.swf, in your onLoadInit function just make the pinwheel invisible:

    _root.g_mcPreloader._visible = false

    Then have your own preloader display on the screen instead.

    If I ever find some time i'll make a post on this.

  6. hi,

    I have never used flash to design. Can someone who knows how to make this review button code please send me the .swf file. ? Many thanks in advance

  7. I have tried to remove the spinning wheel as you suggested with a fla shell and it still appears. I tried:

    _root.g_mcPreloader._visible = false;
    _root.g_mcPreloader.mcSpin._visible = false;

    Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong.....? Have you tried what you suggested?