Thursday, May 20, 2010

Using Handwritten Fonts

Notice anything awesome about this post?

I was inspired by Tom's post at his Word of Mouth blog on using Handwritten Fonts to add personality to your e-learning courses. I've been using his free font sets in several flash objects and captivate presentations and getting great feedback, but didn't even think about using handwritten fonts in HTML pages because of the issue of converting and embedding fonts.

Then today I read a fantastic post at Net Tuts which outlined Google's Font API which allows for easy embedding of any of Google's supplied fonts, and sure enough they have this fantastic Handwritten Font called "Reenie Beanie"

Now we can add a touch of hand written fonts to our html without having to worry about creating images of the text, or having the font not show up on the end users system.

Thanks Google!

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  1. This is cool. You should do a Screenr vid to show how you did it.