Monday, October 3, 2011

Missing Files from an Exported Dokeos SCO

I was working on moving content from Dokeos to Operitel’s Learnflex LMS when I noticed that there were missing assets from Dokeos’ exported packages. I was not familiar with how the original courses had been developed, if they were built offline or by using Dokeos, but for some reason or another, the course relied on assets that the Dokeos system was not aware of.

While I have not discovered why this occurred, I did find a very quick way to resolve this problem and have a working SCO that I could transfer into another LMS. The solution relied on using both Dokeos’ SCO export, and its document file export.

  1. From the learning path Export the required SCO

  2. Unzip the SCO and take the IMSManifest.xml file you’ll find inside and copy it to a new folder. You can then delete the zip you downloaded.
  3. In that new folder create a folder called "document"
  4. From the course home go to documents

    and select save (zip)

  5. Unzip all the contents and copy the files into the “document” folder you created
  6. So your new folder should have the imsmanifest file and a document folder with all your content, simply zip these together and you will have yourself a working SCO!

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