Thursday, May 3, 2012

Articulate Storyline Released

The long awaited new Articulate product "Storyline" has been released.

While I have yet to take it for a spin (the 200mb free trial is downloading as I type) here are the top 5 features that I am excited to check out:
  1. HTML 5 and iPad publish options.
  2. Screen Capture, aside from Captivate and Camtasia there hasn't really been another competetor in this field that also focuses on creating and incorporating your recordings in engaging E-Learning.
  3. Open Question Types. Storyline promises to be 'scalable' in that it will allow experienced developers to take advantage of its more advanced quizzing tools. Hopefully this improves in an area where Quizmaker fell short some times.
  4. Characters! Instead of packaging a dozen or so clip art characters,Articulate took a sandbox approach, promising a total of 47 500 combinations through their builder tool, with the ability to expand through added character packs.
  5. Template Sharing. A strong point of Articulate has always been the active development community, and Storyline looks to take full advantage of its user base by incorporating the ability to save and share course templates.
Hopefully I can post a follow-up review on these 5 features in the near future.


  1. Hi, JD. A group of Articulate beta testers have banded together at to produce a Library of article for developers. It's free for everyone. Drop by for a kickstart learning Storylie.

  2. Very cool, thank you Russ.

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