Friday, January 22, 2010

Append Webex presentations (FLV)


You have several different exported Webex presentations, and now you want to combine them all into one.


A Webex export will give you 5 files for a presentation - index.html, presentation.swf, screen.flv, voip.flv and recording.xml.

The presentation.swf is actually just the 'controller', it's the two flv files that make up the actually video and audio content.

Lets say we want to combine 3 different exported presentations into one, here's how we do it:

1. Rename and Copy the flv files from the 2nd and 3rd presentations and put those files into the 1st presentations folder. You should have 6 flv files in there now.

2. Open the recording.xml file.

Look for this code

<video timestamp="1" name="screen.flv" width="1080" height="824" start="0" duration="7076" keyinterval="10"/>

Note: the timestamp and duration numbers are in seconds

All you need to do is cut and paste that line for each additional video you wish to append and edit the name, timestamp and duration fields. it would look something like this:

<video timestamp="1" name="screen1.flv" width="1080" height="824" start="0" duration="7076" keyinterval="10"/><video timestamp="7076" name="screen2.flv" width="1080" height="824" start="0" duration="5000" keyinterval="10"/><video timestamp="12076" name="screen3.flv" width="1080" height="824" start="0" duration="6000" keyinterval="10"/>

Notice how the timestamp value is the length of the previous videos?

Note: To know the duration of each flv you may want to open up the other presentations recording.xml files and make a note of that value.

So that handles the video, now we do the same for the audio! look for:

<video timestamp="1" name="voip.flv" duration="7076" />

Cut and paste that line just like before editing the name, timestamp, duration fields.

Ok almost done,

3. At the top of the xml file look for:

<recording topic="" number="" ... duration="7076">

You want to edit that duration so that it is the new total length of your demo.

Bingo Bango, an appended presentation without any video editing software necessary!

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