Monday, January 25, 2010

Browser Focus Issue with Quizmaker

Ran into an issue with Quizmaker in which the Quiz essentially removes focus from the browser (in this case IE 7) and makes it so users need to click twice on any link to get it to work - once to set focus back to the web page, and once to select the link.

I must admit, I don't have a lot of experience with setting Browser focus, and the reasons behind it, but I know that having users trying to click the LMS next button and it not working is a major usability issue!

There is two solutions to this problem, the first one is just to re-write quiz.html and do a standard flash object/embed, replacing the Articulate published script. Now, I don't actually know what all that Articulate script is there to handle, so there is another way to handle this problem without removing all the script.

1. Open quiz_content/quiz.js

2. Search for "player.focus();"

3. Delete that line of code, or comment it out.

I have yet to test this on a Quiz that uses LMS tracking, so I have no idea if the focus is important to the communication, but certainly on a simple knowledge check removing this line will fix the usability bug.

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