Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can't set the adlcp:scormtype in Reload Editor

Reload Editor is a fantastic and free SCORM packaging tool. One problem I ran into with it however is that I can't seem to set the resource attribute 'adlcp:scormtype'. Since an undefined adlcp:scormtype will default to asset, my LMS won't show any Navigation!

So for now I have to manually add adlcp:scormtype="sco" to my resource nodes as a solution.

It looks as though this problem was addressed on the development site for Reload (see issue 873054), however the only compiled release is Version 1, so unless you're savvy enough to get the most recent source code and compile it yourself, you're likely to run into this problem as well.

Anyways hope this tidbit reaches someone wondering why their Reload package is not working in their LMS - your poor little adlcp:scormtype might just need setting!

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